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9Dots, Pierre Delmas Bouly
9Dots, sound communication grid.
A timeline made by a series of grids of 3x3 points. This is the first sight of 9Dots, an experimental project presented at the web flash festival 2006. It's an audio/visual device implemented by Pierre Delmas Bouly that allows to edit a sequence of eight pictures made by acoustically reactive points. Interacting with the website one can improvise as d/vj, creating his own audio/visual string. Every assigned position on the grid matches different sounds and frequencies. Once the work has been composed, it can be archived online. Thanks to new technologies in music composition there are more possibility for communication, creativity and enjoyment. They establish a collaborative manipulation of sound material and new creative opportunities. It's a double shift. On one hand there's a radical distraction from the music content and on the other hand an important focus on the epochal implications that the coding of digital sound software have together with its analytical perspective. Also in this case the concepts of 'author' and 'user' infect each other. Then the role of the work's creator mutate in the one of the artist that interfaces the user with sounds, and interweaves code to build natural environments for the personal sound manipulation and communication.
Francesca Tomassini