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Tuning sounds and visuals by fingering a touchpad and a keyboard is an art as complex as playing music and projecting a video. Moreover, including sounds and visuals in a normal compact disc without sacrificing the sound for the animations is not a simple task. Looks like the portuguese label Crónica succeeded in doing both things, with its products where the audio tracks and the essential graphics are put side by side with a visual presentation for PCs, carefully chosen and adapted to the sounds. The first production is by the group @c, formed by Pedro Almeida, Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais, together with Lia, a famous artist from Vienna known for her Shockwave virtuoso techniques which, with the respective microelements in a constant lively evolution, create a digital aesthetic which is minimal but rich in synchrony. If the microsound scene is one of the most sincere expressions of the creative exploitation of numerical processes applied to sound, this coupling (at last of a mixed genre) of talents succeeds in composing a scenario of extremely contemporary symbolic and auditive stimulations.