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Acoustic Space, media architecture
<book> RIXC
ISBN 9984-9538-0-7
The yearly issue of Acoustic Space, a publication more similar to a book than to a magazine, this time hosts a large collection of essays on architectures built by and with media and their development. As always, a particular attention is dedicated to the sound, which, after being integrated with other media, is no more a simple acoustic flow, but a 'physical' component, a spatially locatable presence. The indefatigable artists of collaborative sound in Riga (Latvia), who, during these years have created the Xchange mailing list, organized an international happening centered around the local radiotelescope VIRAC and founded the RIXC media lab, are building their new headquarters basing the works on a distributed and international theoretical elaboration. This text is a collection of experiences and speculations, which describe the immaterial space created by telephone and telematic communications, not to mention radio signals which, invisibly, transmit informations all around us (cell phone antennas, radio signals emitters, wi-fi network cards and the radio microtags, soon to be attached to supermarket merchandise). A space which infiltrated disciplines such as psychogeography and which is one of the foremost dimensions of the contemporary mediascape, ultimately conditioning our perception of the world without influencing the usual and continuous attack on our eyes.