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@c, v3, Crónica . cd+
<cd+> Crónica
The tenth release by the portuguese label Crónica closes the first phase of its excellent productive path. Since the first release, Hard Disk, the spirit of experimenting with the parameters of discographic products has always been kept alive. The effort this label puts in choosing quality, even if it started from glitches and minimalisms, has privileged the discussion of the default compositions, centered around a track list, the interactions with ultrasounds, the combinations of two authors (splitting) on a single CD and, most of all, the visual part, both from a static viewpoint (their CD sleeves were made by famous designers) and from a dynamic one, with videos and interactive tracks, a care which they maintained. This 'v3', too, contains important elements of transition, where the organic presence of voices and echoes of reality penetrate the electronic presences. It's a composite alchemy, made of suites connected to one another in a single smooth narration where shards of digital sounds mix with samples and sounds of the environment. It's a technique which can be percepted in the duality of the booklet illustrations, which integrate the ink trait with objects and concepts taken from the world of human-machine interaction. It's a mix of languages which goes beyond the dogmas and plays with different fascinating worlds. Finally, the Shockwave track, which allows to visually control two different algorithms, gives an insight into Lia's feminine sensitivity, which can be felt also in the fludity of the simmetries and the juxtapositions of colours.