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26.09.03 Audiogame, interactive visual sound.
Audiogame is a collection of experiments in interactively representing sounds, realized using Flash by the french marc Em. They're ideas realized in a lightweight code, which exquisitely visualizes sequencing, scratching and, more generally, sound composition, abstracting gestures and materials which modify its emission and fruition. The elastic and truly real-time animations immediately show the relation between the vibration and the sound, putting the electronic frequencies in surreal environments. It's a wonderful example of audio-visual artifact, where it's difficult to separate the visual element from the sound, since they're linked from the very beginning. Among the most technically fascinating works there are the multiwindow 'Connections Locales', which separates bases from rhythms with a lazy visual commentary and 'boxingTrainz', which sequences some sounds coupling them with a brief scene of the arrival of a TGV at a station.