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DailySoundZaping, Dailymotion
DailySoundZaping, streaming of amateur video soundtrack.
In the overflow of precarious sequences and cuttings, remainding the weak post-PC music productions boom of middle nineties, the personal video productions, fueled by integrated webcams and family camcorders, is pouring on the web, proving once more that our eyes are more and more taken hostage by the moving pictures. DailySoundZaping is a work that criticize this mass phenomenon, using sound as an alarm bell about this cultural spontaneous activity self-justified. This goal is reached through a continous streaming of soundtrack pieces taken from the continously updated video on, one of the major online video archives. The sound, without its visual element, becomes a crude and sharp extrapolation from the pictures. At the same time it creates a kitsch and pop soundscape, that in the end is very similar to the noises coming from the next door. It's the the other side of the comtemporary collective recording. Actually the accumulation of video stuff as an 'online service' is a classic social disaster, where only a small percentage of the total shared works is awarded with attention, while the majority is only needed to feed the website page rank.