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Datasound, the printed sound.
The idea of sound on paper is not surprising thinking about the codification of the staff on the score. As the same time digitalization has made us used to the fact that data of different nature like images, sounds and words, can be stored through just one code. What is original is the idea of coming back to the original matrix of paper fiber to encrypt information. The Datasound Strip is an 18x55 mm, two-dimensional matrix code, consisting of millions of tiny dots that allow to securely encode thousand of bytes of user data. The code can be decoded using an handled mobile Strip Reader that, placed on the strip, converts the printed data in seconds to its original form Speech and music are played directly over a speaker, while pictures or text are downloaded to a connected PC. The system uses Advanced Audio Coding technology, one of the newest data compression techniques. The key applications are in security, but the most lively ones seem to be in promotion. With the Datasound it is possible to make paper or similar materials talk. This allows in-store promotions, coupons and marketing games, as well as it can make catalogues and packaging more lively and interactive. Waiting for the the first hack that would completely detourne it...
Valentina Culatti