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06.12.02 'Erratum Errata', Dj Spooky remixing Marcel Duchamp.
On 28 November, the new project of Paul Miller alias Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid was presented at the MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art), in Los Angeles. It's called 'Erratum Errata', and it offers audio remixes and visual animations which analyse the ideas of circularity, rotation and looping by mixing sounds and visual artifacts by Marcel Duchamp. The works of Duchamp this project it's based on are 'Errata Musical', 'Sculpture Musical' and other material made in 1912-1915, rethought by the author as 'mix-sculptures' based on samples and sounds. DJ Spooky himself promises to soon put on the same site freely downloadable posters and screensavers which will stress even more his view of Duchamp as a 'mixologist', proposing at the same time another point of view on software and shareware, here considered as 'object trouvé'. The user is presented with a window on a side of the screen with sliders for adjusting the audio/visual informations mix, with the possibility of changing the layering of the informations themselves. A conceptual recombination which takes historical materials, functional, for their original spirit and for their technical structure, to contemporary sampling techniques. Remixing (is) art history.