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24.04.03 IanniX 0.54, a software dedicated to Iannis Xenakis.
Considered one of the most infuential musicians of the 20th century, Iannis Xenakis died in 2001 and, due to a perverse but usual course of events, his work is just starting to be acknowledged and appreciated as it should have been when he was still alive. This composer has entered history mostly for his fascinating mathematical applications to music making. He experimented since the Fifties the use of probability calculus (distribution of points on a plane, Markov chains, game theory, group theory and boolean algebra). Starting from Xenakis' work, 'La Kitchen', a group of artists from Paris, financed by the french Minister Of Culture, is developing a multiplatform software which makes possible to experience, both graphically and auditively, the musician's intuitions. Indeed, IanniX 0.54 has not yet reached version 1.0, but already contains most of the functionality planned for the final release. The application code is transparent and is distributed under the GNU Public License, and the simulation programs are written in CommoC scripting language and can be examined and modified to experiment new variations. The documentation is still somewhat lacking, but the program is available for Linux, MacOS (version 9 and version X) and Windows and can be freely downloaded.