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Interface feat. Pauline Oliveros - Recording Field, H, Deep Listening Publications ASCAP, DL-DVD-27 . dvd video
Interface feat. Pauline Oliveros
Recording Field, H
<dvd video> Deep Listening Publications ASCAP
Music improvisation, with its extended degrees of freedom, is based on the value of the updated available instruments and their instantaneous use flexibility. Improvisation and technology can be complementary without hassles, because the free expression's flux, made in the live composition's instant, is really technically compatible with the increase of the electronic instruments' manipulative and expressive possibilities. In the videos included in the dvd, the custom-made instruments of Pauline Oliveros, Curtis Bahn, Tomie Hahn and Dan Trueman can be appreciated in passionate and contemplative sessions. From the sensor equipped basses and violins to the famous Oliveros' Expanded Instrument System, evolved from the original 1960's sketches, to the bowed sensor/speaker array and the sensing devices wore by Hahn in her choreography, the viewer is confronted with instruments plugged in laptops, but in the end only 'expanded' in their conscient and spontaneous musician's use. The interface has been carefully customized so the hardware relationship is natural and confident, and it supports a mutual understanding based on the default's amplifications.