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Yuki Kawamura, Slide, Lowave, EDV 1394 . dvd video
Yuki Kawamura
<dvd video> Lowave
EDV 1394
The abstraction abilities brought by electronic stuff let one separate and reassemble entire phenomena, starting from their transformation in synthetic images, i.e. data conglomerates. In these works by Yuki Kawamura the natural processes (as the forces, the fluctuations and the ruptures) placed side by side to the moving bodies, are rendered and interconnected as pure forms. The rendering of this organic approach is realized through a visual 'permutation', whose goal is a radical perceptive mutation, obtained both varying the visual parameters (as the speed, the editing and the different perspective levels), and transforming the very nature of the pictures, through a computation that increases their own expressive path. But separating the videos from the Yoshihiro Hanno music is impossible. His tamed frequencies, the clicks and the dispersed samples are anchored to the pictures in an almost perfect symbiosis. The sprung rhythm is an unique interpretation of this process and it places audio and video on the same level. A mutual and at the same time independent relationship is then established. Eyes and ears perceive parallel but absolutely synchronized and contiguous fluxes.