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17.01.03 Little Sound Dj, a sequencer for the Gameboy.
Little Sound Dj is a software for the Gameboy/Gameboy Color platform which allows to creatively exploit its sound capabilities, albeit quite limited. Gifted with an aural aesthetics of its own, the portable console hardware is tickled by the program by means of: a sequencer, simple, but able to play complex scores fast; samples of 59 phonemes for programmable speech synthesis; TR-606 and TR-909 electronic percussion sets, as well as many others; synchronization between two Gameboys, which gives the possibility to experiment polyphonic effects, and MIDI sync, for interfacing with other computers and instruments. The software also runs, more or less, on the Gameboy emulators made for many platforms, and on the site, besides some interesting demo mp3s, there's the possibility to participate to the wiki section, which permits collective writing of FAQs, manuals, tutorials, links, etc. etc.