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Various Artists, Live Cinema 01, Worm . dvd video
Various Artists
Live Cinema 01
<dvd video> Worm
The 'live cinema' concept, or the real time creation of a cinematic narrative, has been developed in the last years with a specific characteristic: the direct 'manipulability' of the sound and pictures that evolves in specific elaboration systems. This is a collection that purposefully includes not only the video produced during the respective performances, but also the interviews with the artists, essential to understand the applied techniques and principles. From the turntables used for the optic object spinning (Brok + Halmans) to the impossible architectures created using specific software, the visual and sonic research goes off on a different tangent with its own conceiving charm. The flux of the visual and sound rhythm is what unites these works, diluting them in the consciousness' waters of the pictures' flow. The spatial points of reference are contorted with different abstraction techniques, mixing up the expectations of the eye pointed to the screen. The mediatic craft produces a different form of content production, that even if it's strictly connected to the medium, it also frees its hidden potential energies.