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Meeting Space in Veda, Exonemo
Meeting Space in Veda, gestural sequencing.
The sequencing software interface is a de-facto cultural syntax with which sounds are composed, and, starting with the basic tasks accomplished (as the sounds drag and drop for their sequencing, and their eventual shape's 'stretching' for their length within the track). Meeting Space in Veda by Exonemo is an intuitive sequencer, whose prearranged sounds are activated dragging the window on the screen, and then describing the sonic changes in loop. In this work the game of describing the playing sounds' temporality is strictly connected to a quick movement of a daily environment element: the browser's window. This is deprived of any aesthetic frill and filled with an ASCII animation that shows the played sinusoidal wave. Exonemo (that has already built rgb f__cker and Track:0) has implemented also a network-savvy version, translating the gesture in a constituent moment, basing on the instant and the instinct. What is definitively described is a process similar to the 'live media' ones, that, anyway, draws from the everyday reality of the used interfaces.