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Net Pirate Number Station, Yoshi Sodeoka
22.06.04 Net Pirate Number Station, numerical-verbal abstraction.
The encoding of information, besides masking its meaning, determines a structural transformation which has his own aesthetic, easy to perceive when it's translated in audio form. This was noticeable in Free Radio Linux, an audio stream of the source of the Linux kernel read by a computer, a project reminiscent of the 'code stations' popular in the Eighties, pirate radios which broadcasted software. Net Pirate Number Station, instead, is connected to the historic techniques of transmission of enciphered messages using numerical codes. It's the latest work by Yoshi Sodeoka commissioned by Using a television interface, particularly dear to the author, there are three possible views of the numbers generated from web pages. The numbers are then read aloud by concatenating pre-recorded sequences spoken by many different women, and the numbers lose their identity in an endless repetition and become sound, a mantra of digits, interrupted by faint white noises. It's a rhythm which flows uninterruptibly, drawing a shifty and obscure perspective which reveals a non-conventional approach to the use of data and to their organization and enjoyment.