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. cd+
Oren Ambarchi & Martin NG
<cd+> Quecksilber/Wide
A symbiotic encounter of frequencies. This is what stands out in this cd+, which features the collaboration between the australians Oren Ambarchi (honorary mention at the Ars Electronica Festival 2003) and Martin NG (avant-garde turntablist), and two videos by Tina Frank, a designer for Mego and renowned abstract videomaker. The genes of a common sound expression are present both in the four ethereal pieces of the duo and in the linear visual progressions by Frank, condensed in the two sequences entitled 'Procession' and 'Surfacing', inspired by two tracks with the same name included in a previous album of the duo. It's a programmed essential nature, which gradually develops through the sinus waves in the music and through zooming and focusing in the videos, slowly stretching the perception of sound and of the geometric depth. The aesthetic familiarity has the added value of the musical-visual consonance, which synchronizes the collaboration between the artists, even if the works are enjoyed separately. The invisible space of the sound waves and of the dark background meet, refracting each other, while their informative structures communicate.