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<cd+dvd video> Mille Plateux
The relationship between music and images has received a boost with the possibility to elaborate the images with a PC, multiplying the number of productions and experiments, but at the same time widening the difference between the few innovative products and the many improvised exercises. Marc Weiser, Christian Conrad and Lillevsn, also known as Rechenzentrum, have been doing a lot of research on the relation between music and images, perfected in their creations as well as in their live performances, where visual narration goes side by side with the musical one. In their case, in fact, it's difficult to talk of sonorization of images or of visualization of sound, since the two parts, if enjoyed separately, are completely autonomous, while, if enjoyed together, are surprisingly complementary, something like a fluid integration of abstractions, transparencies and superimpositions of different everchanging materials. Old and grainy 8mm films integrate with digital geometric abstractions and with other, less identifiable, forms of video, resulting in a single cross-section of the aesthetic and sound philosophy of this group, which is able to express itself in its personal, perfectly synesthetic way. This long movie was awarded a 'honorary award' at the Ars Electronica 2003 festival.