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26.05.03 SuperCollider, programming sound in real time.
SuperCollider is a programming language for real time sound synthesis. The codes can be controlled with MIDI, a mouse, a graphic tablet or through a network. It's compatible with the most common formats, it features a syntax similar to C/C++ and provides more than 600 functions, such as oscillators, filters, random numbers generators, etc. etc., that make it particularly suitable for live performances. The software allows to program sound modules in an intuitive way and block by block, using a set of routines already programmed by its users community. SuperCollider stores the scores as text files and it's avaliable in two versions: a stable one (2.2.16) and an experimental one (3d5.1). The latter gives the possibility to generate videos and images, interpreting the data flow as pixels, with spectacular results. It's only compatible with MacOS, but there's also a beta version for OS X which, once finished, will make the porting effort easier. The source for all versions is freely downloadable, though still not covered by an open source license.