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Giles Rollestone, Julian Baker
Urban Feedback, London Tokyo, Tokyo Nomad
<cd-rom> Digitalogue
Urban territories have become the stage of modern times, the place where contemporarity is staged more than in theaters, following the trend to show more and more of our personal sphere. This CD gives an audiovisual interpretation of this phenomenon, using the possibilities to control the time offered by computer media to reveal the accelerations and slowdowns induced by our daily lives. The authors describe the urban experience as 'fractured', and visualize it through several visual micro-loops activated by a click, which show random images of Tokyo and London. The images change according to the internal clock of the computer and the direction the user is moving towards, associating a different concept to every cardinal point. The street and its sceneries 'pierce' a background built out of ordered chaos, reflecting the absolute speed of the two metropolis. The interface becomes intuitive, liberating and sometimes multiple, like when the pointers multiply and point at different homogeneous areas at the same time. Lastly, there are sounds extracted from surveillance cameras footage, television and radio. Their layering accentuates the peculiar manipulation of time which permeates this work, made to reflect our altered perception of the passing of time and the dilation of space, which becomes a continuous stimulation for our eyes.