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Vinyl 1.7, iZotope
Vinyl 1.7, the vinylic sound.
Vinyl is perhaps the last organic medium that has still its own importance in the music data transmission. Its characteristics of collateral unclean sound are impressed in the memory of some generations, and for this reason they are perceived as being deeply rooted and tied to music that was recorded during that periods. The preservation of this music memory has stimulated the production of simulation processes able to reproduce the listening faults, caused by the physical wear and tear of the medium. Vinyl 1.7 is a plug-in developed by iZotope that transforms the music data input deteriorating them trough a series of algorithms programmed to worsening the audio fidelity. They integrate virtual noise, physical damages, or age-related deteriorations. Some parameters' combinations have suggestive and ironical names like 'attic treasure' o 'left on the stove', but they express a much more complex reality. The used code, in this case, describes a simulation of the medium's physical deformation, arbitrarily rewriting its history and assembling a fake original, enjoyable as only a software product can be.