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AGF.3 & Sue.C, Mini Movies, Asphodel, asp3004 . cd+dvd video
AGF.3 & Sue.C
Mini Movies
<cd+dvd video> Asphodel
The easy access to the audio-visual production and publishing machines generated not only thousands of easy-to-obtain experiments, but also many interchange possibilities based on an objective evaluation of the respective skills. The musicianAGF and the videoartist Sue Costabile has started to professionally collaborate then becoming close friends. They start noticing how their respective background was so similar even if respectively grown up in East Europe and Long Island (New York). The outcome of this relationship is coded in one long video, linking together personal visions made out of a sequence of fragments, in a sort of video diary developed through note and quotes. At the core of sound and visual development there's undoubtedly the memory and the generated conscience. The friendship between the two artists, previously investigated, is expressed in the uncertain poetry of AGF and in her sounds that talk with Sue Costabile's familiar pictures and abstract macro-details, edited keeping in mind the just mentioned sounds. In this case the audio / video relationship is a dialogue, that elaborates its own narrative in the continuous exchange of personal messages and in a perfect affective and colloquial rhythmics.