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04.04.03 The talking pictures by Atau Tanaka.
Image-to-sound conversion is a fluid theoretical frontier hard to limit to a simple association by similarities. In the field of sound composition, through the use of image-elaboration software, this practice, effectively implemented by the software MetaSynth, also used by Aphex Twin, has become the norm. The japanese Atau Tanaka uses it to build direct relations, where the image describes a sound and where, by finely tweaking its pixels, the resulting sound can be much improved. In 9m14s Over Vietnam, the famous picture taken in 1972 by Nick Ut, which depicts the human drama of the american attacks, is treated with a double encoding. On one side, the visual data are directly turned into sounds (time domain) and, on the other side, the image is used as an audiogram, that is, a harmonic representation of the spectrum (frequency domain). This manipulation is documented in the 'score', which can be downloaded in PDF format. In 'Bondage', the original images are by Nobuyoshi Araki, one of the most renowned japanese photographers, who prefers the subject of erotism. The different images are manipulated and cut to form different sequences, the sounds they produce are verified, then they are concatenated to obtain the final result, downloadable in MP3 format.