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23.04.04 Bannedmusic, the answer to copyright censorship.
After the sensational case of the Grey Album and the remarkable number of people who participated to the Grey Tuesday, a large and strong battle front is starting to emerge to protect the artistic use of samples and fight against the excesses of copyright enforcing. Bannedmusic is a new initiative aimed at protecting the works of art produced using sound samples. Their intentions are carefully warlike, since the authors want to put on their servers any musical piece threatened by a lawsuit. Their ultimate goal is to allow the people to make up their own mind, that is, to make the material available to those who should be protected by the laws, publishing the works which the music industry tries to stamp out. All of this is not for profit and respects the 'fair use' principle, so contested by the big labels. The tool used is BitTorrent, a programme made for peer-to-peer networks with several peculiarities, such as the impossibility to 'leech' (i.e.: downloading files without sharing anything) and the efficiency of the downloads achieved through file segmentation.