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10.06.03 CyberInfinity, artificial visualization of sound.
CyberInfinity is a software originally written as a step in the making of LifeGrabber, and it applies artificial intelligence techniques to the visualization of music. The wave files are loaded one after another and visualized as they are played, in real time. Its peculiarity is that the visualization doesn't follow hard-coded functions which simply 'translate' the sounds into abstract images. The interpretation of the frequencies is carried out by a large set of software agents programmed to apply Alife algorithms. Each agent processes a part of the data processed by the previous agent and, if the outputs are overwritten, it's possible to see a real-time cross-section of the previous elaborations, computed in advance. When the agents collide, they begin a 'dialogue' based on colors and dimensions which influences them both, in a 'social' mechanism which guarantees a stable balance of shapes and colors. The program is written in Java and requires an installed Sun Java Machine.