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13.03.03 Gameboyzz Orchestra Project, the Nintendo sound.
In the sparkling 'micromusic' scene there are more and more artists who can manipulate primitive technologies to obtain neat results. One of the top groups in the field of reconfiguration of these gadgets is located in Wroclaw (Poland), and is called Gameboyzz Orchestra Project. It's a collective composed of six artists led by the founder Jaroslaw Kujda who changed the line-up many times, preserving nonetheless the researching spirit which characterises the obsessive scores extracted from Gameboys. Starting from the first model, designed by Gumpei Yokoi and marketed in Japan since April 1989, these microconsoles (70 million pieces sold) had minimal sound capabilities, which were used to the last bit by refined programming 'hacks' and software, both freely available and commercial, such as the Little Sound DJ. Now they have risen to the status of real musical instruments thanks also to the Gameboyzz Orchestra Project, as demonstrated by the files on the band's website, where it's possible to download three RealVideo videos, one of which is the live performance at the 2001 WRO Biennial, and three thirty seconds long samples taken from three pieces from their first album.