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Hardware Orchestra, Roger Wigger
23.11.04 Hardware Orchestra, a sequencer made with recycled components.
The unrecognizability, for the typical computer user, of everything inside the case, of all the things contained in this 'black box', is a tangible hurdle blocking the visibility of the inner workings of computing machines. Hardware Orchestra, assembled by Roger Wigger, gives a new meaning to hardware components and their mechanical nature by showing the anatomy of a disemboweled, yet still connected and programmable, machine. Assembling old computer parts and some microphones, the author made a small orchestra, programmable using a crude sequencer whose output is visualized on a green monochrome monitor. These recycled parts are given a new life and a new dimension, produce a 'sound of the machine' with an intrinsic soul passing through the power cords and are given each its space and meaning, through the users' taste and sensitivity. The sacrality of new PCs is broken by the wrinkles of these crude sounds and by the regenerated functionality, recovered from the sands of time.