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27.03.03 Invisible Cities, sounds of the cities.
Supervised by Christopher Murphy of Fällt and Shan McAnena, Invisible Cities is a territorial sound art exhibition held in the Naughton Gallery in Belfast during the Belfast Festival. A dynamic and rich collection of auteur interpretations of the acoustic ambients of the selected cities, ranging from metropolises to little-known, collecting impressions, concepts and personal sound memories which outline a set of fascinating acoustic landscapes. The map, which originally indicated the files, becomes of relative importance if put online, and leaves space to the imagination stimulated by the short introductions written by the artists. All of the tracks are in mp3 format and freely downloadable, giving everyone the possibility to recreate the acoustic panorama inside their headphones. So it's possible to freely enjoy Fehler and the Katy Daly Bar in Belfast, Stephan Mathieu and the rain of Berlin, Massimo and the red light streets in Catania, Raqs Media Collective and the sounds of New Delhi commuters, Jonathan Segel and the amateurial bands of Lima, Janek Schaefer and the sounds recorded by a machine hidden into a package mailed to London, Gregory Cowley and the swift sound variations of the Marrakesh market, stoltz_kolgen and the terrain vibrations in Montreal, Taylor Deupree and the sound of people recorded on September 11, 2002 in New York, Frans de Waard and the sounds of his bicycle in Nijmegen, Richard Chartier and the sounds of the art galleries in Washington, and other recordings by artists from Beijing, Brisbane, Lalibela, Hanoi, Logrono, Los Angeles, Moscow, Östersund, Tokyo.