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09.07.04 Let them sing it for you, fragmented plagiarism.
One of the undeniable advantages of creative musical plagiarism is its power to dispel the aura of the musical artist and the popular myths following it. Reducing the 'holy' musical product to a sequence of rearrangeable data breaks its characteristics of psychoacoustic perfection and the hypnotic potential of its rhythm and melody. There are several techniques for deconstructing music, extracting pieces of them which can then be used to recreate a different unity. 'Let them sing it for you', by Eric Bünger, applies this concept to voice, with a brilliant script where a text can be inserted which is then 'sung' using vocal samples (there are almost 1400 samples available) extracted from popular songs. It's a fruitful technique, already used by John Oswald in some of his Plunderphonics records, made of microsamples of famous pop songs. The common perception that great lyrics can only be written by great authors is challenged, giving everyone the conceptual possibility to have a bunch of celebrities sing their songs and subverting copyright law, which can't be applied to one second long samples.