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Pedro Tudela
Là Où Je Dors
< cd+> Cronica/Materia Prima
Dreamlike states of electronic abuse for Pedro Tudela, in a project commissioned by the coreographer Isabel Barros. 'A space, on the scene, as open as it can be, because, just like in dreams, there are always things beyond your grasp, there are many possibilities and almost nothing is what it seems'. The title and theme of this 'pièce' are inspired by a text written by Maurice Blanchot, 'The Dream, The Night', the third chapter of 'L'Espace Littérarie' and, following this inspiration, the soundtrack is modulated in an abstract and relaxed way, with smooth and rough parts, microsounds and deliberately unresolved tensions. Movements and sudden cuts, to emphasize the dancers' movements, whose improvisations we find in the video track, with different contexts influencing one another, completed by ethereal and cerebral aesthetical conjunctions. Within the research groups dedicated to dance, it's usual to experiment with new imaginations and sounds, forms of articulated integration, close to the contemporary concept of 'multimedia', enriched by the work on the field, near the unstable truth of the stage, where everything is constantly challenged. It's a fascinating and flowing album, fleeting as the encounter of two bodies in motion, profound and tangled as a confusing dream.
Aurelio Cianciotta