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11.12.03 Singing bridges, swinging steel.
The daily 'soundscape' can hardly do without the architectural structures and the vibrations of the matter, which can produce revealing tones and sounds. Singing bridges is the project of Jodi Rose, who concentrated her research on the awesome steel bridges which populate this world and extracted very fascinating musical compositions from them by amplifying their oscillations. This chorus of steel cables played by the wind and recorded with contact microphones hints at a global network between the separated landmasses they connect and a continuous communication akin to telecommunication lines. After listening to the streamed pieces, imagining a concert of bridges all over the world, as the author tries to do, fills the listener with a sensation of imperceptible vibration which, even if it's perfectly plausible, undermines the impression of stability these big structures usually give and gives them voice and sound in their natural, and sometimes imperceptible, swinging.