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13.05.03 Sonasphere, three-dimensional physicalness of sound.
VJing techniques notwithstanding, sound, in its spatial coordinates, has always fascinated digital mapmakers, who have been inventing representations of binary sound objects since the time computer technologies became available. Sonasphere adds an important piece to these representations, presenting a space for organizing a sound composition. The software, available for free download for mac os X, creates a dynamic environment where, after setting global parameters such as gravity, friction, attraction and collision, the user can add its samples one at a time, using specific program units to control the mixing and effects. The connections between the objects represent the 'rules' of the sound generation and are linked to their physical position within the environment. A three-dimensional physicity of sound is therefore made concrete, and it's expressed with an almost tangible representation. The interactions create complex behaviours and unforeseeable variations within the aural network. Among the technologies used there is the Open Sound Control, a communication protocol usable also for sound synthesis that makes possible to obtain the coordinates of each object. Sonasphere is particularly useful for live performances, and connects the visual description of sound with the movement of the sound waves, creating an incredibly effective synaesthesia.