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14.02.03 Sonic Light 03, sound, light and space.
On February 13th opens in Amsterdam the ninth edition of the 'Sonic Light 2003, composed light, articulated space' festival. It will be equally divided between the historical club Paradiso and the theatre De Balie, very close to each other. The programme, one week long, is packed with interesting features related to this edition's theme, that is, the fascination artists feel for the creative possibilities of the musical form modelled with light and space. These two perceptive dimensions are explored from a historical perspective, looking at the experiments which used the different technologies available at the moment. The film program, for instance, is focused on three main themes: the first experiments with electronic images in the so-called 'experimental television', an exhibition of abstract productions of the last fifty years and the relation between films and kinetics art. A selection of rare films which range from the first decades of the twentieth century to the seventies, and which wonderfully portraits the history of the ideas in the field of making images collide with sounds.Moreover, on the ceiling of the De Balie, four videos by Bainbridge, Casady, Lia and Scroggins will be screened in a loop (from sunset to midnight). The conferences schedule is centered on the analysis of the fundamental themes of the festival, with a preference for the presentation of software and projects. There will also be eminent guests such as Peter Luining, Chris Casady and Golan Levin, just to mention the latest, or Earl Reiback and his '3d-lumia', a machine which produces 'real' optically refined images which look like they are floating in space. At the Paradiso, on the other hand, there will be the 'Sonic Light Box', a space specially designed by Robin Deirkauf, which divides the hall in two halves, emitting all of the light necessary for illumination. Among the many artists, all of them of a very good level, there are COH, Richard Devine, Dino Felipe, Hecker, Francisco Lopez, Christian Marclay, Ikue Mori, Numb, pxp, Yasunao Tone and Venetian Snares.