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06.04.04 Spectroscopic Toolkit, nanotonal music.
One of the principal uses of a machine is to explore of the boundaries of computation, that is, to process sets of numerical data otherwise too large and complex. Ad-hoc software allows this explorations using the correct algorithms. Spectroscopic Toolkit is a brilliant example of such a use, since it provides a DSP (Digital Sound Processor), with 64 bits of accuracy, which can generate audio files and graphs. Its particularity resides in is its ability to play extreme frequencies, which support the so-called 'nanotones'. The author of this software, Pieter Suurmond, mixed something like 40000 sinus waves. Its goal is to translate quantum physics data into AIFF audio files. In the freely downloadable examples, one can hear the 'atomic spectra' of seven metals (Gold, Silver, Iron, Mercury, Tin, Copper and Lead), transposed 40 octaves lower, followed by their respective six iones. The esoteric audio derivated from these alchemic compositions is loaded with ancestral meanings, which add an unusual and ancient component to their electronic nature, just like the generation of their respective graphs adds a visual dimension. This software is open source and the author encourages everybody to use it, in whole or in part, provided that the author is credited. The audio examples are freely distributable as well.