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Virologic conditioning 1.1, MEZ, Tsila Hassine, Alejandra Perez Nunez
Virologic conditioning 1.1, machine code poetry.
The new media critic's tension is often oriented to understand that subtle cultural membrane created by the machines during the communication, that is actually ubiquitous. Particularly in written communication, the verbal and programming language's mingling has led to the original experiments of 'MEZ', aka Mary-Anne Breeze. She has coined an original language, the 'mezangelle', that inserts the machine code style and conventions in the written language, synthesizing a poetic style, influenced by an eventual automatic interpretation. Code Poetry - Virologic conditioning 1.1 by Tsila Hassine (author of the excellent Shmoogle) and Alejandra Perez Nunez is a software written in python that outputs an automatic machine reading of the MEZ's 'virologic conditioning 1.1' poetry. The project has been induced by Florian Cramer and brings into effect the MEZ's text parsing through a speech synthesis, with a further audio editing that includes a 'human' reading. This audio 'reverse engineering' of the original artist's work brings a new interpretation, short-circuiting the original process, but at the same time paying an important homage to her.