. sound
audio art . experimental

Ulrich Troyer meets Georg Blaschke - Somatic Soundtracks

Ulrich Troyer meets Georg Blaschke - Somatic Soundtracks, 4Bit Productions, Neural, electronic, experimental, minimal, audio art, Aurelio Cianciotta, Ulrich-Troyer-meets-Georg-Blaschke_Somatic-Soundtracks.jpgCD - 4Bit
Among the cuts of Somatic Soundtracks we find analogue synthesizers, loops, effects and guitars. The compositions were created in 2010 and 2012 to provide material for the choreographic work of Georg Blaschke, a dancer and maths/philosophy/pedagogy graduate. Blaschke was previously  ... [ Continue ]

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ambient . drone . field recordings

Radiomentale / Eric Pajot - I-Land

Radiomentale, Eric Pajot, - I-Land, f4 Music, field recordings, drone, texture, field recordings, Aurelio Cianciotta, Radiomentale_Eric-Pajot_ILand.jpgCD - f4 Music
On first listening it is not easy to recognize the genealogy of this duo, whose origins are grounded in the rave and techno scenes of the nineties, in dj culture, and in a fascination with synthetic sounds and sci-fi movie settings. Jean-Yves Leloup and Eric Pajot, aka Radiomentale  ... [ Continue ]

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audio art . experimental

Plinth - Collected Machine Music

Plinth, Collected Machine Music, Time Released Sound, ambient, classical, experimental, folk, minimalist, machine music, mechanical music, michael tanner, music box, toy music, victorian, United Kingdom, Aurelio Cianciotta, Plinth_Collected-Machine-Music.jpgCD - Time Released Sound
We are immediately moved to an unreal dimension, hyper melodious and out of time. This work has been realized using boîte à musique (music boxes), devices that function as automatic instruments. Thin sheets of steel arranged in combs are made to vibrate using pins and rollers or a spinning plate, producing  ... [ Continue ]

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experimental . field recordings . impro

Mathias Delplanque - Chutes

Mathias Delplanque, Chutes, Baskaru, Karu, elettroacustica, experimental, free form, impro, Aurelio Cianciotta, Mathias-Delplanque_Chutes.jpgCD - Baskaru
Mathias Delplanque is a talented musician with experience performing sound installation works and electro-acoustic compositions. His creations often balance objects and audio captures, giving life to interesting digital textures. His approach includes improvisational elements but emphasis is  ... [ Continue ]

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audio art . field recordings . soundscapes

Ephraim Wegner & Julia Weinmann - Eins Bis Sechzehn

Ephraim Wegner & Julia Weinmann, Eins Bis Sechzehn, Crónica, Miguel Carvalhais, field recordings, audio art, Fast Fourier Transform, granular synthesis, site specific, modernist, Clovis Vallois,  Ephraim-Wegner-&-Julia-Weinmann_Eins-Bis-Sechzehn.jpgCD - Crónica
A hotel in ruins, burdened with memories and environments evocative of fascinating decadence. Here are spaces that became uninhabitable, now only remotely reminiscent of the splendour of the 60s through 80s, during which period the tourist industry embraced an approach that leaned  ... [ Continue ]

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audio art . experimental . field recordings

AAVV - Between

AAVV, Between, 12K, Simon Scott, Corey Fuller, Marcus Fischer, Tomoyoshi Date, Taylor Deupree, Recorded live at Kinse Ryokan, Kyoto, on October 8th, 2012, experimenta, drone, impro, audio art, sound designer, Aurelio Cianciotta, AAVV_Between.jpgCD - 12K
Recorded live at the Kinse Ryokan in Kyoto, on 8th October 2012, Between is the creation of an ensemble of uncommon talent and inspiration. It is rare to come across a roster that combines such names as Taylor Deupree, Simon Scott, Corey Fuller, Marcus Fischer and Tomoyoshi Date. Although  ... [ Continue ]

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Tree People, Pokemachine - Split

Tree People, Pokemachine, Split, Staalplaat, Le Petit Mignon, improvisation, noise, experimental, electronic, DIY, underground art, Aurelio Cianciotta, Tree-People,-Pokemachine---Split.jpg7" + 3D book - Le Petit Mignon
Located in the shop of the Staalplaat crew in Berlin, Le Petit Mignon is a music label that also hides a publishing house and an itinerant art gallery focused on DIY culture, underground art and graphic design. The company has recently released a new album that is absolutely worthy of attention  ... [ Continue ]

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drone . experimental . field recordings

Quartz - Five Years On Cold Asphalt

Quartz, Five Years On Cold Asphalt, Crónica, field recordings, drone, Alexandr Vatagin, Electronic, Experimental, Alexander Schubert , Nicolas Bernier, Martin Siewert, Stefan Nemeth, David Schweighart, Bernhard Breuer, Tupolev, Port Royal, Aurelio Cianciotta, Quartz---Five-Years-On-Cold-Asphalt.jpgCD - Crónica
His debut album on Crónica Electronica, a Portuguese label well known to the lovers of the experimental scene, Five Years On Cold Asphalt is the beginning of the solo career of Alexandr Vatagin, aka Quarz, already famous for his collaborations with Valeot and Liska Records, and for his commitment  ... [ Continue ]

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drone . electronica . experimental

Nad Spiro - Atomic Spy

Nad Spiro, Atomic Spy, Geometrik, electronic, experimental, drone, Aurelio Cianciotta, Nad-Spiro---Atomic-Spy.jpgCD - Geometrik
Dark, twisted, cerebral resonances filled with electronic retreats and industrial audio emergencies are mixed with drones, percussive electroacoustic insertions and clotted vocal breaks. The whole generates maudit suggestions and shocking and claustrophobic atmospheres that maintain a great charm  ... [ Continue ]

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drone . experimental . field recordings

Murmer - What Are The Roots That Clutch

Murmer, What Are The Roots That Clutch, Helen Scarsdale, field recordings, experimental, site-specific, acusmatica, ambient, drone, Aurelio Cianciotta, Murmer---What-Are-The-Roots-That-Clutch.jpgCD - Helen Scarsdale
Under the moniker of Murmer hides Patrick McGinley, a field recordist who we remember for his We Share a Shadow, released in 2007 and the interesting live albums with Jim Haynes, another sound artist who works with Helen Scarsdale, a label specializing in the ambient and drone genres  ... [ Continue ]

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Lingouf - Terre De Pierres

Lingouf, Terre De Pierres, Ant-Zen, experimental, elettronica, acoustic, digital, field recordings, Aurelio Cianciotta, Lingouf---Terre-De-Pierres.jpgCD- Ant-Zen
The record opens with the minimal sounds of a clock, its ticking mixed with very frail ambient sounds. The texture gradually fills out with overlapping recordings and other elements that reveal a melodic and rhythmic matrix. The matrix appears to be based on a fascination with time, with cryptic  ... [ Continue ]

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Lawrence English - For / Not For John Cage

Lawrence English, For / Not For John Cage, Line, Experimedia, ambient, experimental, musica aleatoria, Aurelio Cianciotta, Lawrence-English---For-Not-For-John-Cage.jpgCD - Line
The ambivalence of the title “For/Not For John Cage” and the reference to the master (whose birthday saw its hundredth anniversary last year) is suggestive of a versatile, multi-sided and chaotic treatment. While partially the case the record also features pleasantly iterated and ambient frequencies  ... [ Continue ]

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Kid Koala - 12 Bit Blues

Kid Koala, 12 Bit Blues, Ninja Tune, abstract hip-hop, experimental, Neural, Aurelio Cianciotta, Kid-Koala---12-Bit-Blues.jpgCD - Ninja Tune
Thanks to the ability and versatility of Kid Koala, it is possible that an album in an oblique blues style with abstract hip-hop contaminations may also assume more experimental connotations, attractive to a certain niche audience used to dissonances, manipulations and other extreme exercises in style  ... [ Continue ]

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abstract . experimental . field recordings

Dakim - 34 Fragments

Dakim, 34 Fragments, Dak, Senufo Editions, abstract hip hop, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), field recording, experimental, Aurelio Cianciotta, Dakim---34-Fragments.jpgCD - Senufo Editions
From the San Francisco Bay Area in California comes Dakim Saadiq, also known under the moniker Dak as an abstract hip-hop producer and lo-fi experimenter. In 34 Fragments, varying the sound quality of his sources, Saadiq subjects his audio captures – collected along the many branches  ... [ Continue ]

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John Cage - Song Books

John Cage, Song Books, Sub Rosa, contemporary music, Compositions, Aurelio Cianciotta, John-Cage---Song-Books.jpg2CD + booklet - Sub Rosa
The re-release of a John Cage work always gives a reviewer the opportunity to underline the importance of this figure in the evolution of the contemporary music. 2012 saw the hundredth anniversary of the composer’s birth, resulting in celebrations and special event across the world  ... [ Continue ]

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acoustic/digital . experimental . field recordings

eRikm - Transfall

eRikm, Transfall,  Room40, field recording, musica atonale, acoustic-digital, experimental, electronic, abstract, Aurelio Cianciotta, eRikm---Transfall.jpgCD - Room40
In the notes of the album eRikm says: “The time spent on the composition of some of these pieces gave me the possibility to break out, that is to get out of my usual processes of degeneration/generation of a body or of a multiplicity of ‘pre-existing sound objects. Thus my gesture shifted  ... [ Continue ]

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experimental . noise

Jean Dubuffet - Expériences Musicales (II)

Jean Dubuffet, Expériences Musicales (II), Aurelio Cianciotta, musique concrète, noise, experimental, Asger Jorn, Internationale Situationniste, Aurelio Cianciotta, Jean-Dubuffet---Experiences-Musicales.jpg2CD - Rumpsti Pumsti
Expériences Musicales leaves a strong impression on the listener and is part of a small number of recordings that have “anticipated” the history of contemporary music. Jean Dubuffet, a multiform creative mind, influenced a large part of twentieth century music with his concept  ... [ Continue ]

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Francisco Meirino - Untitled Phenomenas In Concrete

Francisco Meirino, Untitled Phenomenas In Concrete, cave12, audio paint, field recordings, experimental, UPIC, Iannis Xenakis, sintesi additiva, Aurelio Cianciotta, Francisco-Meirino---Untitled-Phenomenas-In-Concrete.jpgCD - cave12
This album utilizes 85 sessions of hybrid “audio paint” system HighC/UPIC and field recordings of fallen snow, breaking bones, magnetic filed and insects. The system is a structural model of additive colour inspired by the UPIC works of Iannis Xenakis that date back to the late seventies  ... [ Continue ]

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Helmut Schäfer - Thought Provoking III

Helmut Schäfer, Thought Provoking III,  23five, Zbigniew Karkowski, Will Guthrie, St. Andre Church, Graz, Disruptor, Bisskraft, Eminent Risk Factor, Neural, Aurelio Cianciotta, Helmut-Schafer---Thought-Provoking.jpgCD - 23five
This interpretation of Helmut Schäfer’s free score features muted tones from a pipe organ, electronics, a hair dryer, a gong, a violin and an intermittent flux of percussion. These are the basic elements of Though Provoking III, the last work by the Austrian electroacoustic composer  ... [ Continue ]

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poesia sonora

Enzo Minarelli - Fame

Enzo Minarelli, Fame, Pogus, performance, poesia sonora, Aurelio Cianciotta, Enzo-Minarelli---Fame.jpgCD - Pogus
Pogus has released the new project by Enzo Minarelli, a sound poet, theorist (see his 1987 manifesto on Polypoetry) and experimenter very attracted to the concept of word drifts. Minarelli has created an archive, the 3ViTre, a verbo-voco-visual collection formally related to a tradition that began  ... [ Continue ]

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ambient . experimental

Fennesz - AUN / The Beginning And End Of All Things

Fennesz, AUN / The Beginning And End Of All Things, Ash, Touch, Cendre, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Neural, Aurelio Cianciotta, Fennesz---AUN--The-Beginning-And-End-Of-All-Things.jpgCD - Ash / Touch
It is always difficult to begin discussing new releases by Christian Fennesz. Maybe this is due to the size of his personality, or perhaps it is the complex aesthetics of his compositions, which often center on very elegant and harmonious ambient-drones. His more recent works almost completely  ... [ Continue ]

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eRikm, Martin Tetreault, Arnaud Rivière, Dj Sniff - DRIFT-01

eRikm, Martin Tetreault, Arnaud Rivière, Dj Sniff - DRIFT-01, Aurelio Cianciotta, Art Kill Art, eRikmMartinTetreaultArnaudRivièreDjSniffDRIFT.jpg 3xLP - Art Kill Art
Four turntablist djs improvise without a prearranged theme and record the performance separately on the same number of tracks. The arrangement is then presented using a special vinyl technique that keeps the different scratches separate and allows them to intersect continuously  ... [ Continue ]

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Emanuele De Raymondi - Buyukberber Variations

Emanuele De Raymondi, Buyukberber Variations, Zerokilled, Kreuzberg, acoustic, digital, experimental, Aurelio Cianciotta, Emanuele-De-Raymondi---Buyukberber-Variations.jpgCD - Zerokilled
Skillfully drawing on his expertise in a number of areas (including electronic, free improvisation, jazz, minimalism and ambient music) Emanuele De Raymondi’s work is formed exclusively from a live recording of virtuoso Turkish clarinet player Oğuz Büyükberber, captured  ... [ Continue ]

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field recordings

Deison - Quiet Rooms

Deison, Quiet Rooms, Aagoo, audio art, drone, field recordings, Aurelio Cianciotta, Deison---Quiet-Rooms.jpgCD - Aagoo
The imaginative ambient sounds in this record were captured in four different rooms by Friulan sound-artist Cristiano Deison, a very ethereal manipulator not new to the international scenes, thanks to his work with artists such as Thurston Moore, Scanner and KK Null. In Quiet Rooms  ... [ Continue ]

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audio art

Carl Schilde - Wow

Carl Schilde, Wow, Heavy Listening, happening, performance, sound art, Aurelio Cianciotta, Carl-Schilde---Wow.jpgCD - Heavy Listening
Wow is faithful to the implicit statement of intent in its title. The vinyl confines itself to ultralow frequencies at the limits of human perception and is supposed to be played and amplified using different equipment in order to create divergent playback effects  ... [ Continue ]

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field recordings

Angus Carlyle & Rupert Cox - Air Pressure

Angus Carlyle & Rupert Cox , Air Pressure, Gruen, field recordings, sound-artist, genius loci, experimental, Aurelio Cianciotta, Angus-Carlyle-&-Rupert-Cox---Air-Pressure.jpgCD - Gruenrekorder
Between 2010 and 2011 Rupert Cox and Angus Carlyle captured a broad collection of audio recordings that focus on the planting and harvesting of specific cultivations in Japan. The farm in question came into being in 1966 and is the last place in the area to survive an ongoing project  ... [ Continue ]

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. media culture
book . sound art

AAVV - Sound Exchange, Experimental Music Cultures In Central And Eastern Europe

AAVV, Sound Exchange, Experimental Music Cultures In Central And Eastern Europe, Carsten Seiffarth, Carsten Stabenow, Golo Föllmer, experimental music, Budapest, Bratislava, Praga, Cracovia, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, audio art, blog, soundexchange.jpgedited by: Carsten Seiffarth, Carsten Stabenow, Golo Föllmer - PFAU Verlag, ISBN 978-3897274877, 416 pages, 2012, German, English
There was a long tradition of dismissing and repressing experimental music in Central and Eastern Europe during socialist times. And even after 1989 the West didn't fully explore what was missed in those decisive few decades. This book begins the process of making up for lost time, bypassing the classic academic approach  ... [ Continue ]

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art . media . net . visual

Random Selection In Random Image - Hypermateriality

Random Selection in Random Image, Hypermateriality, Jan Robert Leegte, digital, art, Flickr, photography, psychological phenomenon, media, reality, network, images,  RandomSelectionInRandomImage.jpg Jan Robert Leegte’s new works re-examine the hypermateriality of the digital domain. Educated as a sculptor and architect this Dutch artist has a unique approach to art in the context of the internet. His recent online work‚ Random Selection in Random Image pushes the boundaries of both the notion of creativity and of individual perception. Leegte has created a smart commentary on the  ... [ Continue ]

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art . festival . media

Open Your City - Share Festival 2012 Report

Open Your City, Share Festival 2012 Report, Simona Lodi, Carlo Ratti, Bruce Sterling, Mirjam Struppek, Stanza, VR/Urban, Mariano Leotta, Simone Arcagni, Lorenzo Benussi, Martijn De Waal, Davide Gomba, Simona Lodi, Jaromil, Alan Shapiro, Bruce Sterling, Antoine Schmitt, Fabrizio Valpreda, Manifesto Smart City, new media art, policy, urban space, social network, open knowledge, makerspaces, open source, copyleft, peer to peer, user generated content, Open-Your-City---Share-Festival-2012-Report.jpgCheck the Open Your City - Share Festival 2012 Report photo set here. Reappropriation of urban space, visions about the city of the future and grassroots participation. These main themes of Share Festival 2012 were given expression in the edition’s title - Open Your City - an imperative formula suggestive of sharing spaces and services and stressing the need for active involvement in the process of technological and social transition. This year’s Share prize included six finalists connected  ... [ Continue ]

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book . media

Acoustic Space #11 - Techno-Ecologies

Acoustic Space #11, Techno-Ecologies, magazine, peer-reviewed, Riga, Lettonia, Eric Kluitenber, techno-ecologia, David Rothenberg, deep technology, self-empowerment, Tatiana Goryucheva, Ojars Balcers, Cultura Experimentalis, Siegfried Zielinski, RIXC, media culture, new media, food traceability, techno-ecology concept, AcousticSpace11-_TechnoEcologies.jpgedited by Rasa Smite, Eric Kluitenberg and Raitis Smits - RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture, ISSN: 1407-2858, 168 pages, 2012, English
Acoustic Space is a journal founded in 1998 that for a few years now has functioned as a peer-reviewed journal, usually printed every year and coinciding with a festival on the same topic (including conferences and an exhibition), held in Riga (Latvia). The main theme of issue #11 (relating to the 2011 event) is shaped on Felix Guattari's  ... [ Continue ]

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art . media . net

Facebook Demetricator - De-quantifier Of Social Connections

Facebook Demetricator - De-quantifier Of Social Connections, de-quantifcatore, Connessioni Sociali, Facebook, social media, internet, friends, like, button, Ben Grosser, software, applicazione, Facebook-Demetricator---De-quantifier-Of-Social-Connections.jpg The reward-return system Facebook uses to entice users back to their profile to check for likes on posted photographs, comments on their status updates and peruse their ever-growing friend count creates an algorithm of addiction most users can testify to. Statistical number-crunching and manipulation of this data  ... [ Continue ]

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magazine . media

Raffael Dörig - COMPILER 04

Raffael Dörig, COMPILER 04, magazine, audiovisual, art, sampling, cut-ups, social media, aesthetic reconceptualizations, Raffael-Dorig---COMPILER-04.jpg Replay Compiler / Tweaklab [booklet + DVD], ISBN 978-3952285930, 2012, English
The fourth volume of Compiler is dedicated to the multiplicity of reuse practices in audiovisual artworks produced with digital tools, interfaces and paradigms. The development of this attitude was once the preserve of artists, though in the second half of the 00s social media and the phenomenon  ... [ Continue ]

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performance . robot . sound art

Pendulum Choir - Complex Polyphonies And Gravitational Force

Pendulum Choir, Complex Polyphonies And Gravitational Force, Cod.Act, André, Michel Décosterd, art, performance, technology, architecture, music, sounds, Neural, Pendulum-Choir,-Complex-Polyphonies-And-Gravitational-Force.jpg Cod.Act's Pendulum Choir explores the relationship between gravity, vocal movement in space and choral composition by placing a 9-piece choir on tilting, continuously moving platforms. A revolving, undulating hydraulic jack supports each singer. These movements have a direct physical impact on the singers, causing  ... [ Continue ]

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book . media

Jussi Parikka - What is Media Archaeology?

Jussi Parikka, What is Media Archaeology?, Polity, ISBN: 9780745650265, 200 pages, 2012, English, steampunk, digital culture, Neural, Jussi-Parikka---What-is-Media-Archaeology.jpgPolity, ISBN: 9780745650265, 200 pages, 2012, English
To understand the "futuristic" present we live in it's very important to know our past. This seems particularly true when it comes to media culture. In fact it appears that the only feasible kind of time traveling is what is usually defined as "media archaeology", which allows us to re-create and use the same mediations on content that  ... [ Continue ]

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art . performance . science

Algae Opera - Nurturing Algae With Soprano's Voice

Algae Opera, Nurturing Algae With Soprano's Voice, Louise Ashcroft, Gameshow Outpatient, Samuel Lewis, Algae-Opera---Nurturing-Algae-With-SopranoVoice.jpg Algae Opera is a work realized between Mezzo-Soprano Louise Ashcroft, composer Gameshow Outpatient and actor Samuel Lewis that uses a novel approach to cross-wire the sense of hearing and taste using algae. During a performance of this work CO2 gas which is extracted from the singers breath  ... [ Continue ]

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book . floppy disk . magazine

Jon Wozencroft, Neville Brody - Fuse 1-20: From Invention to Antimatter - Twenty Years of FUSE

Jon Wozencroft, Neville Brody, Fuse 1-20, From Invention to Antimatter, Twenty Years of FUSE, odes, religion, pornography, magazine, print, graphic design, tipography, Creative Review, information technology, Peter Saville, David Carson, Tomato collective, FUSE_NevilleBrody.jpgTaschen, ISBN: 978-3836525015, 416 pages, 2012, English
In 1991 two of the most talented graphic designers of all time (Jon Wozencroft and Neville Brody) launched a unique experiment: FUSE, an annual publication packaged in a cardboard box that contained a printed zine with articles relating to typography culture, a floppy disk with four fonts and four posters that utilized  ... [ Continue ]

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art . biotech . performance

The Decelerator - Real Slow Motion

The Decelerator, Real Slow Motion, Lorenz Potthast, art, visual, environment,  The-Decelerator-.jpg "The decelerator" designed by German artist Lorenz Potthast is a helmet made with reflective metal, aiming to provide total detachment from reality. The helmet does not generate a virtual or augmented reality, but instead changes the temporal perception of what is happening outside: it gives the user a  "slow motion"  ... [ Continue ]

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art . book . dvd . performance . video

Fujiko Nakaya, Anne-Marie Duguet - Anarchive n°5: Fog

Fujiko Nakaya, Anne-Marie Duguet, Anarchive n°5, Fog, book, DVD-ROM, doubleNegatives, art, performance, video, portable archive, Anarchive.jpgBrouillard Anarchive [book + DVD-rom + DVD], ISBN: 978-2951813229, English, Japanese, French
In what format can a monograph be shaped in current times? It's an open question that deals with two main domains of problems: the content should be as complete as possible in every direction; and to prolong its intrinsic referential attitude, it should be accessible for as long as possible. This monograph  ... [ Continue ]

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art . hacking . media

Tworse Key - A Twitter Telegraph

Tworse Key, A Twitter Telegraph, Martin Kaltenbrunner,  Samuel Morse,  Alfred Vail, HAM, art, network, hacking, digital languages, Arduino, Ethernet, steam-punk, futurism, Tworse-Key---A-Twitter-Telegraph.jpg In recent decades, and perhaps nudged by the exponential growth of new technologies, media artists have demonstrated not only an increasing interest in the history of technology, but also with the non-synchronous merging of incongruous technologies in their artworks. Vintage futurism and  ... [ Continue ]

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book . hacktivism

E. Gabriella Coleman - Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking

E. Gabriella Coleman, Coding Freedom, The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking, Princeton University Press, FLOSS, hacker, hacktivism, Debian, GNU, Linux, conferences, Cory Doctorow, code, E.-Gabriella-Coleman---Coding-Freedom.jpg Princeton University Press, ISBN: 978-0691144610, 264 pages, 2012, English
The whole ecosystem of hacking and FLOSS has rarely been considered by academic research, despite often being recognized as a terrific collective production. It has been considered more as a "tool" and not recognized as an important abstract "laboratory" of labour and freedom. Coleman focuses on hacker communities  ... [ Continue ]

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art . media . performance . psychogeography

Blind Smell Stick - Emotional Urban Nose

Blind Smell Stick - Emotional Urban Nose, Peter de Cupere, Chiara Ciociola, art. media, psychogeography, Blind-Smell-Stick.jpg Exploring the urban space with the nose: the work "Blind Smell Stick" by Peter de Cupere invites us to rediscover the familiar spaces in which we live. The object created looks like an ordinary walking stick but functions like the nose of a guide dog for the blind. The lower part of the stick is able to pick up odours through  ... [ Continue ]

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book . media . net

Tony D. Sampson - Virality: Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks

Tony D. Sampson, Virality: Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks, University of Minnesota Press, viral, meme, memetic, memetica, virus, computer, Gabriel Tarde, iperconnettività, networked age,  Tony-D.-Sampson---Virality--Contagion-Theory-in-the-Age-of-Networks.jpg University of Minnesota Press, ISBN: 978-0816670055, 248 pages, 2012, English
The concept of "virality" in networks was initially associated with the infection of computer viruses (and partly still is), before coming to describe the rapid and endemic spreading of content (typically visual), something that has become a holy grail for marketers concerned with commercial reward. The former  ... [ Continue ]

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art . privacy

Directory Of Fictitious Telephone Numbers - Impossible Transmissions

Directory Of Fictitious Telephone Numbers, Impossible Transmissions, art, sounds, privacy, John Martin Callanan, Benedetta Sabatini, Whitechapel Gallery, London, Directory-Of-Fictitious-Telephone-Numbers.jpg An aseptic space. One white table and on it a printed directory, accompanied by an apparently normal looking telephone. It would seem the right environment to make a call. And calls are, in fact, made. The phone operates automatically, dialling random numbers from the many listed in the phone book  ... [ Continue ]

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art . book . media

Charles R. Acland, Swift Viewing: The Popular Life of Subliminal Influence

Charles R. Acland Swift, Viewing: The Popular Life of Subliminal Influence, James Vicary, media, collective imaginary, subliminal, Charles-R.-Acland-Swift---Viewing--The-Popular-Life-of-Subliminal-Influence.jpg Duke University Press, ISBN: 978-0822349198, 328 pages, 2012, English
Subliminal communication, or being exposed to messages too quick or hidden to be consciously perceived, is an enduringly popular topic, thanks to its almost magical way of affecting us. Despite plenty of scientific evidence debunking the effectiveness of such techniques, they have permeated the  ... [ Continue ]

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art . hacking . media

deFacebook - Glitched Portraits

deFacebook, glitched portraits, Nandan Ghiya, glitch,  Facebook, social network, art, painting, digital, aesthetic vintage, Chiara Ciociola, deFacebook,-glitched-portraits.jpg The work "deFacebook" by Indian artist Nandan Ghiya consists of a series of portraits made from images taken from popular social networks and physically printed on canvas. The selected photos are classic half-length or full-figured portraits, (partially) set up according to the classical canons of the family portrait. The wooden or  ... [ Continue ]

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Sonic Genoma
Wicked Style
nordiC (Dissonanze)
Virtual Light (1995)
Internet Underground Guide (1995) Suoni Futuri Digitali (2000)
Tecnologie di Liberazione (2001)
Resistant Maps (2006)
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