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22.08.03 Bastard Pop for Amnesty International.
The so-called Bastard Pop, or mesh-up, or plagiarist pop, that is, the art of freely remixing famous songs protected by copyright, is more and more practiced by musicians and hobbyists alike. 'I created a Monster' is a powerful operation that, among other things, has created a double compilation, freely downloadable and complete with CD sleeves, and is trying to influence other systems as well as music. Subverting the usual mechanism, where the pop stars try to gain popularity and improve their public image by participating to benefit performances, usually more profitable to the show business than to the recipients, this group of bastard-pop artists has published this compilation to raise funds for Amnesty International's War Child program, which supports the children victims of war. It's an action that, once again, reveals the paradoxes of intellectual property and its use, this time perfectly made concrete.